KOREAN HAIR CHALK ( pre-order closed 31-12-12 )

Want to color your hair but do not want to color your hair permanently?? Worry often switch hair color and cause it broken?? Dont worry we have a solution.. Hair Chalking is the newest craze in temporary hair color.. now, you can change your hair color as often as you like without having to worry about damaged hair and it is not permanent too.. Our Hair Chalking imported from Korea.. We promise all Hair Chalking are "Hair Invulnerability".. All our hair colorchalk do not harm your hair.. Add a flair of color without the long-term commitment of dying.. Hair Color Chalk is temporary hair color that rubs directly onto your hair, then washes out!! As many people just saw blond with hair chalking, so they are just assuming only blond hair can be chalked!! This is so not true..With dark hairs, you can also do this. The only difference is you need to select only the bright colors of chalk for your hair.. Because some of the colors will not work very well on dark hairs.. For example, green, yellow, lime but pink, red, blue, purple, ect are perfect colors for dark hair..  They will bring you exact high lights as same as blond hairs.. For dark hair such as black, red, brown hairs, you might need to wet your hair first before do chalking, or the pastel chalks will not be easily added(rubbed) onto hair.. You know in this procedure, the water will make the colors of chalk stain hair much easier.. See?? Pretty easy, hah?? So if you have dark hair including black, red or brown, you should not get frustrated with hair chalking at all. Instead you can easily catch up with latest hair color trend just the same as blond girls!

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left : Korean Hair Chalk
right : China Hair Chalk

The hair pastel  has 2 version,one from Korea, the other from China, so let me tell you the difference:
1.The Korea original has its own single package  see the pics below
2.The length  the imported one is 66mm ,the other is 60mm
3.The diameter,the Korea one is 10mm,the other is 7mm

Materials: 100% Temporary Korean Hair Chalk, non-toxic.

choose your favourite color from 74 selection

1 pc's : RM6.00
we also offer wholesale price for those interested for your own business.. just email us if you want know about wholesale price..

1. For best results, start with shampooed hair that has been combed.
2. It is best if you wear a pair of gloves while dying hair.  The hair chalk is non-toxic and is not harmful but it is messy.
3. Twist Hair to more easily dye a bundle coloring.
4. It is best to color hair with smooth strokes from up to down, following the growth of the hair.
5. Lightly Wet Hair & then Hair Dry after finished coloring for best result. You also can iron or curl your hair to lock the colour on your hair..
6. Spray on hair gel or hair spray to help keep the color. ( optional )

The hair chalks are fragile, we will pack it well to try to let you get in whole piece, but if unfortunately you got them in broken, it's still can be used, hope you all can understand.

p/s : this Korean Hair Chalk is not ready stock.. We open for pre order started 12.12.12 until 31.12.12

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